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2019 Annual Meeting Call for Bids! 

Held each July, the Annual Meeting brings together state HR directors and senior-level staff from around the country to hear from thought leaders and get an update on the latest HR trends. This meeting location rotates around the country. See past meeting sites by clicking here. You may download this information by clicking here .

The following are responsibilities of the host in regards to the proposal, planning and implementation of the Annual Meeting.


The NASPE Annual Meeting is typically held on Sunday – Wednesday pattern in July. You do not have to propose dates as this will be determined by hotel/meeting venue availability.

Info to include:

  • Each proposal should include the following:
  • Proposed location (city)
  • Airport accessibility and airlines flying in to the city
  • Possible meeting venues (Hotels where you’d like to have the meeting. Please do not contact the hotels.)
  • Area attractions for social events (Again, please do not contact the venue.)
  • Ability to provide on-site support


Please send your proposal to Leslie Scott ([email protected] ) by December 5, 2017.

Decision Time Frame

Members of the NASPE Executive Committee will make the final location decision at the 2018 Mid-Year Meeting in Washington, DC. Please be sure a representative will be on hand to present your state’s bid and to answer questions. The committee will meet the afternoon of Friday, January 26.  Details will be communicated closer to the time of the Mid-Year Meeting.

Hotels/Meeting Sites

As a potential host state, your suggestions for meeting hotels/conference space are welcome. However, the host state should not contact any possible venues as it becomes confusing to hotel/venue if they are contacted by more than one party for the same event. In addition, NASPE utilizes a partner with international hotel contacts and strong buying/negotiating power to solicit bids and assist with contract negotiations, including pricing. This pricing will not be available if the hotel has already been contacted by the host state. NASPE staff signs all contracts.

On-site assistance

NASPE does request on-site assistance from host-state staff. Host state assistance is helpful beginning late Sunday morning through the course of the Annual Meeting, which ends on Wednesday morning. The assistance varies from staffing the meeting registration and host state tables, to providing audio-visual support during the presentations, to providing a person(s) to take photographs throughout the meeting. Typically, two people are needed for the registration and host state tables on Sunday and Monday and only one person for Tuesday and Wednesday. It is also helpful to have one or two people available to staff meeting rooms and assist with any set-up, picture-taking and material distribution.


The host state is not responsible for fundraising for the event. However, providing contacts to NASPE staff for local businesses that may be willing to make donations or sponsor the meeting would be appreciated.

NASPE Committee Participation

A member of the host state will serve as Host State Chair on the NASPE Executive Committee for the 2018-19 program year. In addition, a member of the host state should plan to serve on NASPE’s Meetings Committee, which is chaired by NASPE’s President-Elect. The Meetings Committee is responsible for the educational (speakers, presenters, discussion topics) portion of the conference.


While the host state has no direct responsibility for planning the educational portion of the program, suggestions for speakers, particularly local speakers/experts is always welcome. Program planning will begin in Fall 2018.

Social Events

NASPE staff will rely on the host state to provide suggestions for social events and activities at the conference. This includes entertainment and off-site venues. NASPE staff will sign contracts and monitor budgeting and planning for these events.

Next Steps

Once the proposal is received, NASPE staff will work with its partner to contact hotels and solicit availability and sleeping room rates.  NASPE will share the hotel responses with the states bidding to host the meeting.

Staff Site Visit

After the Executive Committee determines the location of the 2019 Annual Meeting, NASPE staff will conduct a site visit to visit hotels and social event venues in Late Winter/Early Spring 2018. The goal will be to have a signed hotel contract by late Spring 2018.

Selection Criteria

Members of the NASPE Executive Committee will select the location for Annual Meetings based upon the following criteria:

  1. Quality, appropriateness and cost of lodging and meeting accommodations.
  2. Accessibility of hotel to restaurants, shopping, recreation, entertainment, sightseeing, and other social activities for spouses and guests.
  3. Available of suitable conference dates.
  4. Accessibility of accommodations from a major airport.
  5. State’s regional location. (Ideally, meetings should alternate among regions of the country from year to year.)
  6. Consideration of the bidder’s overall participating in NASPE, including state’s representation at meetings and host state volunteer responsibilities.
Likelihood that location will attract the largest number of members.

Past Meeting Sites

1977-78            New Orleans, Louisiana
1978-79            Seattle, Washington
1979-80            Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1980-81            Lansing, Michigan
1981-82            Atlanta, Georgia
1982-83            Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
1983-84            San Antonio, Texas
1984-85            Biloxi, Mississippi
1985-86            Atlanta, Georgia
1986-87            Lexington, Kentucky
1987-88            Charleston, South Carolina
1988-89            San Diego, California
1989-90            Denver, Colorado
1990-91            Des Moines, Iowa
1991-92            Albany, New York
1992-93            Seattle, Washington
1993-94            Traverse City, Michigan
1994-95            Dover, Delaware
1995-96            Boise, Idaho
1996-97            Portsmouth, New Hampshire
1997-98            Napa, California
1998-99            Columbus, Ohio
1999-2000         Princeton, New Jersey
2000-01            Big Sky, Montana
2001-02            Indianapolis, Indiana
2002-03            Portland, Maine
2003-04            Biloxi, Mississippi
2004-05            Denver, Colorado
2005-06            San Antonio, Texas
2006-07            Williamsburg, Virginia
2007-08            Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2008-09            Park City, Utah
2009-10            Atlanta, Georgia
2010-11            New Orleans, Louisiana
2011-12            Jersey City, New Jersey
2012-13            Henderson, Nevada
2013-14            Nashville, Tennessee
2014-15            Seattle, Washington
2015-16            Biloxi, Mississippi
2016-17            Portland, Maine
2017-18            Rapid City, South Dakota